Lisa’s Sweeps $5000 + Sweepstakes Best Odds of Winning!

SiriusXM Radio Raw Dog’s Ventura Comedy Festival Trip Sweepstakes 10.31.11
General Motors 45th Anniversary Camaro Sweepstakes 11.14.11

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Our first Sweepstakes will be $100 dollars to one lucky winner as soon as we reach 500 Facebook Likes.

Odds of winning is 1 in 500

Next will be a $200 drawing when we have 1000 Facebook Likes

Odds of winning is 1 in 1000

We will keep adding $100 to the total for each 1000 Facebook Like increments, example:

2000 likes will have a drawaing for $300
3000 likes will have a drawaing for $400
4000 likes will have a drawaing for $500
5000 likes will have a drawaing for $600

and so on until we get to $5000 Grand Prize. As long as you still like our page you are always entered in every drawing.

To enter just go to our facebook page and click the “LIKE” button at the top of the page and you are entered in all the drawings.


Pass this information along to your friends because the faster as we get to each level the faster somebody is going to win.

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